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Fitness lifestyle Coach 

I'm Constantine, or Dean for short. I'm the owner of Dean's Cuisine and Geo's Recovery Lab. My objective is to integrate into pre-existing fitness facilities to help them bring a fully comprehensive program to their communities. Between the Recovery Lab  offering specialized soft tissue work and Dean's Cuisine providing nutrition coaching along with our meals I take great pride in providing a comprehensive layer of support to our host venues which sets them apart from their competitors..

My fitness Journey started as a fat chain smoking paramedic wanting to do something about my health. I turned to a science based approach to fitness, and followed the teaching of Dr. Jim Stoppani. I unexpectedly became one of those transformation success stories. I was even featured here, by Jim.

use Dr. Stoppani's teaching's and methodology to structure meal plans based on the client's bodyweight and the goal they are trying to achieve. Biological variability is also taken into account. 

For example:

A 23 year old male who is 5'7 and 140 pounds trying to put on size:

Protein: 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body=   210 grams of protein each day. Client would get 5 meals a day at around  42grams of protein each

Fats: We don't include just any fats, my meal plans include consideration as to healthy fat sources. 

Carbs: Carb "dosing" per pound of bodyweight is highly dependent on the dieting method we use. If we are using carb cycling you will have a low, medium and high day. If we are doing a structured caloric subtraction strategy it may vary week to week. There are multiple strategies we may use, your preference is where we start.

Biological Variability:Everybody's genetics are a little different. We may do an elimination diet where we take specific food's which are common allergens out of your diet. An elimination diet is done by removing one possible allergen at a time, so that if a benefit is found we know which allergen to avoid.  

Lifestyle Adaptation: Not everybody has the ability to drop what they are doing and eat at a specific time everyday, I get it. We'll work together on how navigate through the obstacles of day to day life. I check in with my client's at least once a week, in the beginning sometimes more until you've found auto pilot. 

Billing: I charge $150/month for meal planning services, or $125/month for people who use at least 1 meal a day from our menu.


Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritionist 

My name is Christy. I'm a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Group Fitness Instructor certified through the  International Sports Science Association (ISSA).  

My fitness experience includes working as a personal trainer and gym manager at Anytime Fitness in  Whitehall. I am also a personal trainer and group fitness instructor here at SpillanesFit.  

My personal fitness journey began 5 years ago here at SpillanesFit, where I stepped into a  gym for the very first time. My fitness journey has taken her to many NPC Bikini competition stages — both on the local and national level. As my journey continued to evolve, it has now allowed me to create  a part-time career doing something I love.  

I enjoy working with clients with a wide range of fitness goals. So whether it be sports, staying in  shape, weight loss, getting started with a workout routine, or being brand new to the gym — I is here  to help!

My specialties are personal training, fitness consulting, nutrition consulting, and meal planning.

Billing: I charge $150/month for meal planning services, or $125/month for people who use at least 1 meal a day from our menu.


Powerlifting & Sports Nutrition Coach

My name is Lowell Clemonts. I am a W.I.T.S certified trainer. I’ve been professionally training clients since 2014. I’ve trained a large range of clients from professional athletes to your everyday person. I’ve worked at Gold’s Gym, Pocono Trails more well known as MTV Fat Camp and the Pocono Dome. Not only do I train clients, I also create nutrition plans for them. 

I am an Elite Powerlifter and USA Powerlifting Coach. I was ranked #10 in the world as the lightest in the 308 weight class in 2019! I’m also a Surgical Technologist specializing in orthopedics. I have assisted with hip fractures, ACL injuries, shoulder fractures and much more. 


W.I.T.S Certified Trainer 

USA Powerlifting Coach 


Associate in Specialized Technology

I charge $150/month for meal planning services, or $125/month for people who use at least 1 meal a day from our menu.