Personalized Coaching

Change starts here

Free Initial Consultation

No client is ever the same, everyone has a unique set of circumstances and challenges that need to identified. During our consultation we will want to hear from you, and get a good idea of your lifestyle and how it effects your nutritional situation. During this consultation we will establish a starting point, and work with you to figure out which science based nutrition protocol would be the best.

Programming and Goal Setting

Once we establish which nutrition protocol we will be using, we create a customized meal plan for you. We do not simply crash diet our clients and put them in a severe caloric deficit, or surplus. Your initial calorie range will be in the ball park of what we think your maintenance calories are. Maintenance calories are how many calories you need daily to support your current frame without fluctuation in body weight. Once we establish your maintenance demand, we slowly adjust as needed towards whatever your goal may be. You may use some, none, or all of your meals from our menu.

Adjustments and Accountability

Our success as a company is dependent on your success as a client. You will have two check in's each week with your coach to assess your situation, and discuss progressions in your program. Progressions are modifications to your meal plan. Progressions are not drastic changes, the goal is to make gradual, yet sustainable changes without bottoming out your metabolism. Your coach is here to help you, and answer any questions you may have along your journey. 

Full Spectrum Health and Fitness Coaching

Did you know our program is designed to run in support of Geo's Recovery Lab, which provides progressive soft tissue work as well as personal training? We will also be adding several more components to this program in the near future. 

Meal Planning Service Structure

$50/month if you:
Use 2 of our meals as staples in your daily meal plan